Безумие ошеломляет... Или нет? Или да? Или... тьфу!
15 июня 2017 10:51
HTPOW SKU-HQ070047 is a very comprehensive laser pointer, high power, long distance, awesome shape, visible light, adjustable focus and 5in1 with five star caps. Even it can achieve everything what you want about lasers, powerful enough to easily burn paper, bag, match and so on. Especially when you join outdoor activities, it is your best survival tool, to make a fire, drive away the beast, clear the danger somewhere you couldn't go, and send a distress signal when you are in danger. So, you can't imagine how strong powerful function of this blue laser pointer. Although which is a little expensive, we sure that the high power laser pointer is still the most popular laser pointer in our shop, everyone all have faith in the price is worth of it. By the way, we tell you a secret, owing to this lazer pointer is adequate inventory and best selling in our shop, so we generally shipped quickly. Once you have ordered success, you may soon be able to see your gift. Christmas Spree! Yesterday the price was still $ 369.99 , but from now until Christmas, we just sale $ 199.99 . Once Christmas is over , there is no chance to get it with this low price ! So, Just Do it right now, Do not miss this opportunity !
20 дек. 2016 08:22
21 сент. 2016 19:00
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16 июля 2016 17:53
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15 марта 2016 11:22