For any type of business, Credit Card Processing with SWYPING provides several advantages over simply dealing with cash. This is mainly due to the fact that most customers prefer to use credit payments and have stopped carrying cash altogether.

The convenience of just swiping a card is faster and easier for everyone involved in this type of transaction. In fact, studies have shown that business firms that do not Credit Card Processing with SWYPING payments are in fact losing a great deal of revenue. For any major purchase, payment by a credit card can overcome the limitations imposed by a straight cash transaction making it easier for customers.

Another great advantage to Credit Card Processing with SWYPING payments is the expansion of the customer base in a relatively short period. These types of payment solutions cannot only increase profits as previously mentioned, but also improve customer service as well.

In many instances, a customer who could not afford to make a purchase due to limited cash funds on hand can now use a credit card instead. There are also people who simply use their credit cards to make the majority of their purchases each month and then pay off the balance in full. Any store that caters to their needs is more than likely to see a great increase in profits. In this new age of online marketing, any business that operates in the virtual world needs to have a credit card merchant account for accepting payments in this method as potential buyers are likely to hit the back button very quickly. Shipping is also expedited in this manner since there is no waiting for a check to arrive and then clear before the purchased goods are sent to the buyer.

Another study found that customers on average spend about 2 and 1/2 times as much money on their purchases as compared to ones who only use cash. This means that merchants using Credit Card Processing with SWYPING are certain to see revenues on the rise. Sometimes there are purchases that are totally unplanned for the buyer. Having the ability to swipe a card can mean the difference between getting the sale and losing it.

In point of fact, it is more difficult for a business to handle checks or cash. This is due to the fact that the human element is still a large part of the transaction. With a credit card processor, all of the human error is taken out of the equation. It is simply much more convenient to use plastic than carry lots of money.

As technology advances, businesses must stay ahead of the curve in order to compete. In short, this means Credit Card Processing with SWYPING to keep the customer happy.
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We only need cost-effective - popular outdoor portable audio recommended

Nowadays, the popularity of smart phones and tablet PCs is high, and the outdoor portable audio that is tailored to it is also popular with young people nowadays; it has a stylish appearance and full of mellow sound quality, and versatile Configuration, perfect with mobile phones and tablet use, to bring you a comfortable audio and video entertainment experience.

In the portable audio users, some friends are very fond of outdoor sports and travel, they buy portable audio is in order to outdoor when you can anytime, anywhere and friends to share music, so long journey is no longer boring; and now portable audio More use of anti-earthquake and dustproof waterproof design, allowing users to use in the outdoor environment can also be assured.

Today we introduce a number of outdoor sports and travel specifically for portable Bluetooth audio, they not only have a stylish and compact shape and full of mellow sound quality, but also has a multi-functional configuration, so that your outdoor recreation life more colorful ; Then the next we together to understand today, this few portable Bluetooth audio it

Chialstar Q5 speaker

Recommended reason: the appearance of fine fashion sound full mellow

Insufficient product: bass to be improved

Applicable people: like friends in outdoor sports and camping

Edit Comment: Chialstar Q5 speaker modeling comfortable and compact, very easy to carry; body of the front design of a small control buttons, buttons feel comfortable, responsive; In the backpack, carrying very convenient; In addition, this sound there are black, gray, red, blue four colors to choose from.

Chialstar Q5 portable Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers built-in Bluetooth 4.1 chip, compatible with any now with a Bluetooth-enabled mobile phones and tablet PCs and other equipment to support lossless sound quality transmission, to help you get rid of the shackles of connection, listen more comfortable and portable; sound quality, configure two 6W Speakers, speakers on both sides of a vibration diaphragm, can effectively eliminate the surrounding signal interference, so that sound full of mellow, clear and loud, to bring you the most beautiful bass to provide the most beautiful music, so you feel the music in the ocean. Built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery is fully charged to support up to 6-8 hours of playback time, very suitable for use in the outdoor environment, bring you a new listening experience.

[Promotional price] $ 40.99

[Dealer] Chialstar

[Contact Information] Tel: + 86-755-83496980; Email:

[Address] 5B-101 Trade Plaza Two, China South City, Pinghu Street, Longgang District, Shenzhen, China.

Philips SBM100

Recommended reason: stylish small with TF card decoding

Insufficient product: insufficient resolution

For the crowd: smart phones and tablet users

Edit Comment: Philips SBM100 design compact fashion, the box is made of environmentally friendly ABS plastic material, the fuselage of the positive design of the hole mesh, full of vitality; box at the top of the design of a small control buttons, buttons feel comfortable, Responsive; In addition, the bottom of the box also designed a high damping anti-skid rubber pad, not only can be a solid sound, but also to eliminate the large volume of the resonance, so that the sound quality is more pure.

Philips SBM100 in the sound quality of the same performance to the force; it uses a special wOOx technology, to fully enhance the low frequency, so that the main drive and high-frequency unit sound accurate tuning to ensure a smooth transition from low to high frequency; also can effectively reduce Distortion, so that the sound quality is more clear, both in the indoor or outdoor environment, can bring you a comfortable listening experience.

[Reference price] $ 25


Recommended reason: with a small audio and video line

Product low: price slightly higher

Applicable people: like to listen to music in the friends

Edit Comment: JBL MICRO WIRELESS This sound is very compact and easy to carry, will not take up too much space; the side of the box design of the power switch button, volume control knob, 3.5mm audio interface and USB charging interface; , It also designed a 3.5mm audio cable at the bottom, can be directly connected to the audio equipment, so that your listening more comfortable and convenient.

JBL MICRO WIRELESS in the sound quality of the performance is equally remarkable, it uses a diameter of 40mm high-power drive unit, rated output power in 20 watts about the sound full of mellow, clear and transparent, high-pitched loud and clear, and the resolution is also good Performance, very suitable for the taste of music use; plus 5 hours of continuous playback of the battery life, you can definitely meet the needs of your indoor and outdoor listening.

[Reference price] $ 49.99

DOSS DS-1209

Recommended reason: dual speaker design support TF card decoding

Insufficient product: slightly heavier

Applicable people: friends who often participate in outdoor sports

Edit Comment: DOSS DS-1209 fuselage with metal to create, the external use of flexible rubber material to create, feel comfortable, and durable wear, suitable for regular camping and travel friends to use; box side of the design of the pole volume knob And the other side of the design of the USB power supply interface, 3.5mm audio input interface and TF card jack, compatible with MP3 / WMA format files, maximum support 32G memory card, allowing you to easily listen to massive songs.

DOSS DS-1209 with Bluetooth 2.0 chip, compatible with mainstream mainstream Bluetooth phones and tablet PCs and other equipment to support lossless sound quality transmission; sound quality, this sound using two 1.75-inch full-range speaker unit and two subwoofer, rated The output power of 4 watts; not only bass strong, and the performance of the whole frequency is also very balanced, sound quality is also large enough, even in the outdoor environment can bring you full of loud sound quality effect, is your good companion travel.

[Price] $ 39.89

Sum up:

The above is today we introduce the five models of fashionable beautiful outdoor portable Bluetooth audio, they are full of pure sound quality and complete functional configuration, very suitable for nowadays like to listen to music in the outdoor young people to buy, but also very Suitable as a gift to your friends and family; which products interested friends can click on the corresponding product link to enter a detailed understanding.

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Безумие ошеломляет... Или нет? Или да? Или... тьфу!
15 июня 2017 10:51
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